Before I die

- Swim with dolphins
- Kiss a total stranger
- Walk on the chinese wall
- Go on jungelsafari in Africa
- Say "I love you" to someone and really, really mean it
- Sing in front of a big audience
- Be in two places at one time
- Be proud of my body
- Help a total stranger
- Write a novel
- Do something totally spontaneously
- Write a hit song
- Watch the sunrise
- Eat as much candy as I like, without feeling guilty
- Take a moon walk
- Live in Paris
- Be an inspirationto someone
- Watch a musical in the big apple, New York
- Go on a trip with the girls
- Act in a movie
- Tell someone just how fantastic they are
- Lie on a beach in California, just looking at the waves
- Learn to surf
- Be the star in a musical
- Laugh until I cry tears of joy
- Just jump on a plane, without knowing where to go or what to do
- Fall in love; hard and unconditonally

What do youwant to dobefore you die?


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26.09.2010 kl.23:51

fint <3


27.09.2010 kl.20:48

Jaaa, der kom den! :D S bra!


28.09.2010 kl.07:51

jeg likte dette innlegget, det inspirerte meg!


28.09.2010 kl.11:05

Tusen takk, jenter :)

Henriette: S utrolig herlig du er! S koselig hre :)


28.09.2010 kl.14:03

Utrolig fint design og header du har! Lagd det selv ? (A)


28.09.2010 kl.17:11

Har laget en slik en liste selv, men aner ikke hvor den har gjort av seg. Mange av de samme tingene faktisk :-)


28.09.2010 kl.21:08

Stine: Ja, det har jeg faktisk :)

Tusen takk!

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