1. I want your hand in my hand
2. I want to hear your heartbeats
3. The butterflies in the stomach
4. Your smile that will fill me up with love
5. I want a miracle

6. Everyday happenings

7. The security of having someone around
8. Ears that always listens and a mouth that doesn't always have to answer
9. Someone who always says you're beautiful
10. Kisses

11. Unspoken words
12. Someone who understands ME
13. Letting someone into my heart
14. Believing in something bigger
15. The Ben&Jerry's when we are fighting

16. Never have to feel alone
17. Every sms at night with the simple word: goodnight
18. Get a new bestfriend
19. Someone to share my deepest secrets and beliefs with
20. Making a difference

21. My heart beating faster
22. Someone to call me" baby" & "sweetheart"
23. Just the feeling
24. Someone to continue my sentences
25. Every fight that will make us closer

26. Someone to read my mind
27. A kiss & heart at Valentine's day
28. Written letters
29. Laughing yet no one else is around - or rather called, happiness
30. The inspiration

31. Your arm around my back, firm & gentil
32. The boyfriend-girlfriend vacation
33. Laughing till i cry
34. Winter kakao by the fire
35. Another body next to mine

36. Summercrush
37. New experiences
38. Falling hard and unconditionally

39. Unexpected visits
40. Being in someone's thoughts

41. My eyes smiling by pure joy
42. Experiencing magic
43. Looking at scary movies while lying in your arms
44. A fire burning through my body
45. Lying at the beach with my head on your stomach

46. I want to feel loved
47. I want to give & take
48. I want to be someone's greatest hello & hardest goodbye
49. I want to be someone's oxygen 
50. My lips forming the words "I love you" and hearing it back.

Pictures; weheartit

- V

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03.03.2011 kl.09:24


Pernille Amalie

03.03.2011 kl.15:56

Enig med Kristine! Helt herlig, likte også bildene veldig godt <3 ilu

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03.03.2011 kl.16:18


frida andersen

03.03.2011 kl.16:41

å.. søtt

Christine Sagøy

04.03.2011 kl.09:16

så fin ring! hvor har du kjøpt den? :-)

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